Trumpencesteins Monster

Since his inauguration Trump and his lingering shadow Pence have continued to show that things probably won’t settle down and get more presidential any time soon. At least not presidential in any sense fitting this, still young, millennium. The Trumpet has been hard at work in his quest to alienate the media. Because who needs journalists when everyone should just read the daily bulletin the, now, far-too-White House. Journalism, and not to mention those pesky scientists, just gets in the way of alternative facts with their questions and “evidence”.

The mainstream media might have, somewhat, lost their touch in the ever growing business of click-baits, corporate agendas, and quarterly reports, but there’s still a need for investigative journalism and its quest for the truth, and there’s still a lot of good and hungry journalists out there. The media might get things wrong every now and then but I’m hoping that this barrage of alternative facts from the stool – probably more like a chair but I haven’t really paid attention – in the oval office will get the journalists corps back into the trenches of investigations and facts. We need the journalist to be at their best and to take on this oozing trumpster to find and expose whatever is causing this infectious wound.

Only a few days have passed and Trumpencestein have already started to build whatever monstrosity they have envisioned will put the Great back in Gre… wait.. that’s Brexit… right… put the great back into the decreasingly united nation built on immigration, hope, and dreams. We have already seen the first of the rollbacks being signed into effect and we will, no doubt, see many more in days to come.

While it might just have started I think it’s clear that whatever is starting to take shape in the dark corridors of power it is something ugly. Something that is pieced together with parts from the festering, and still very much foul smelling, corpses of ideologies that should have remained buried together with the ignorance, hate, and centuries that gave birth to them.

But things are not all dark. The many marches taking place around the USA shows a level of commitment to engage in politics that bodes well for the future because politics is not something we should leave to the few. Politics is something that should engage us daily and get us out of bed. Politics has very little to do with titles and chairs (or the occasional stool) but very much to do with the everyday lives of the everyday person.

When life gives you darkness and a big pile of dung you light a torch, roll up your sleeves, and start pitching. Or was it lemons and lemonade? Anyway.

Together is the only way forward.