noun | trum-pen(t)s-stan(t)s


: something that happens against reason and with great negative impact

Full definition
: A circumstance, due to a large number of unsuccessful
fail-safes and against the best efforts of people and in the defiance of conventional logic and reason, with strong regressive and negative impact. Often associated with short term personal gain of a small number of people who orchestrate and/or facilitate the circumstances leading up to it and/or the compound ignorance of large groups failing to understand how things relate and affect each other.

– As a result of this trumpencestance we lost years of progress and social improvements.
– It was pure trumpencestance that lead to the breakdown in diplomacy and the subsequent termination of relations.
– The fire in the factory was the result of a trumpencestance after years of poor management and failure to adhere to basic safety instructions.

– clusterfuck, fubar

Related words
– misfortune, regression

– serendipity, fortune, luck

Near antonyms
– happenstance

Origin and Etymology of TRUMPENCESTANCE

First Known Use: 2016